Absolution, Decomposition, Aria too...

Culinaneto The Reverend Panaideos

Panaideos, I have a great deal of respect for your ability to use your skills to their utmost. That being said, I am surprised to hear you whining about being killed. First you indicate your post was for the gods, so try the comments board. Secopnd

if you do not wish to be decomposed, don't atttack an animist. It is fairly simple.

Jharrik complains that he is inconvenienced by Dhonuill, perhaps Jharrik should realize he has to walk through the forest before he decides to kill and strip Dhonuill. It is a simple concept, one's actions have consequences.

The Lord Lazarus points out that it is easy to prevent being absolved, simply by keeping one's mana above half. Equally so, it was easy to prevent a bard's aria by being deaf. But whining from folks like Saxe had the \"song of death\" changed already.

Sorceror's have plenty of powerful skills, absolution, and sorcerous vampirism (which even allows you to summon folks out of the Pool) among them.

If you don't want Dhonuill to decompose you, Panaideos, leave him alone. Then I am sure he will not be a danger to you.