QQing, The sanctity of the Pool of Life.

Isomage, the Ancientto Genesis, the god of time

This message is addressed to the Omnipotents, for it is their word that matters.

It is, in my most humble of opinions, becoming more necessary these days to take the sanctity of the divine pool

, and use it as a way of escaping that most detested of divine gives, Death. Other mortals have expressed a view that

this is in some way, \"Cheating\", or breaking the reality of our world. Some have also said that fleeing

from this world into a different reality is also an act of moral cowardice.

If I may dare to ask Olympus to give me a moment of its time, and pass comment on wether these acts are deemed

suitable for a mortal to undertake?

I have always held the opinion that fleeing from this world to another upon attack is an offence of such magnitude that only the

omnipotence of yourselves allows its comprehension. However, The Pool of Life

was a gift, and whilest spending time in its beauty we are reminded of the power of the gods. When others of my mortal kind question this behaviour,

I feel exasperated, and can see only selfish reasons behind their arguments. No doubt as they will see selfish reasons behind mine.

I stand in awe of your seldom spoken, but always

most humbling voices.

Isomage, the Ancient one.