Staying alive

Lazarus, god of painto Lorelord Allanon

How is it, dear Allanon, that I, as Shaitan, managed to rarely die, despite constant fighting against groups of people? I didn't have all the defensive skills loremaster-types have, like drinking healing potions faster than other guilds, the ability to almost instantly be at the pool of life, the ability to alkar at will, etc. I don't notice Criamulus, for instance, dying very often either, yet he doesn't possess the same kind fo defensive skills that you do. Loremasters are not a fighting profession because they lack offensive abilities that are as strong as those of other guilds. On the other hand, to complain about changes in skills affecting your guild is patently ridiculous. How would you like it if lorestave projecting demons took 1 silver each time like it used to? Every change affects some guild and in the long run, things don't change much balance-wise.

Also, regarding your message to Nostradamus, I find your attitude very cheeky. Pretending not to be lippy while transparently being so does not endear you to the Gods. If I see another message likethat from you, I will not be happy. It's also funny that you don't see fit to complain about your own patron doing what Nostradamus did, which he does more than Nostradamus. In the end though, it's not about being fair or giving mortals warning. We are Gods. You are mortals. You conform your behavior to our expectations, not the other way around.