And the other Deities In General

Lorelord Allanonto Nostradamus, god of darkness

I can appreciate the fact if a player attacks in a location where a divinity has assumed \"physical\" form then protocol suggests an attacks should be stopped/

I current enjoy your disfavour for attacking Threap in the Domed Look Out -

This location was involved in an on-going mass ruck (you no doubt saw the various death messages) and Threap himself was participating in the attacks in his own (if limited way).

Surely the Gods are endowed with sufficient wisdom to realise in such frantic conditions, with scrolling text combat that mistakes are easy to make.

I apologise for any offence but would make the following suggestion.

perhaps if a God chooses to appear in a physical form their location could be displayed on the who listing or even better a moving peace ritual can be in the deities location.

Forgive my mortal thoughts if they offend, but it is only a matter of time before someone younger and more hotheaded than myself will truly offend the gods by suggesting appearing in a location during combat is just an excuse to be able to dish out a disfavour and thereby weaken their followers enemies.