Guild Trespass

As far as I can tell, no harm was done to the guild. The Angel of Death is summoned by sorcerors and is a formidable CCC.

Therefore I presume that a sorceror was searching our guild.

That's OK, I've done the same to them many times.

It seems that right now we are not well equipped to withstand attack. My understanding is that three other gods feel the same way, so we may seem some changes soon.

I would suggest that you do not throw your life away needlessly, but that we work together, with Artisans and Alchemists when neccessary.

One attack that we have against which none can defend is to splash potions. If several loremaster types did this together, this would be devastating, notwithstanding the relatively mild effect of any individual potion.

Potions such as sleep, paralyis and poison are all useful in this way.

Finally, if you *do* encounter uninvited parties in the guild, make sure that you know a quick way out, preferably in a macro file.

The lorestave portal ability is especially helpful for this, but make sure that you know your way around the guild as well.