Grand Quiz run by me **

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

There are going to be two big quizzes run by me - the first will be held on Wednesday at Midnight GMT, the second will be held on Saturday at 4am GMT. They will both feature between fifty and a hundred assorted questions, though there will be a fair proportion of Avalon related ones.

Each point you gain at the end of the quiz will entitle you to one ability in one of the two new skills; Farming and Labours, which will be available to all this week. These skills relate to all manner of useful things; fishing, beekeeping, mining ores, growing crops, milking cows, blowing glass, cooking essences, etc. They are the first of the three stages of the new economics system. Neither Farming or Labours can be learnt; practice only. So even if you score low in the quiz, you will gain a handful of very valuable abilities.

If anybody has any questions, address them to me. The importance of these two new skills should not be underestimated; the future of all cities and those within them will depend on their use.