Elvironto Lugonn, The Shining One

We all pay tax in two ways - a tax on our earnings, and a monthly tax both at a level set by the barons. Just as in (un) real life, the facilities are there if you need them and they have to be paid for - that is the price of being a citizen and having refuge in your city, being able to vote in City elections and so on. If you feel you have a good case for being excused SOME of your tax bill, talk to me or one of the other Barons on Mycenae: If you can make a reasonable case, I am sure we will be able to grant a rebate. If not, we may increase your tax bill even further for wasting our time whining about it in the first place! (Only kidding). Being a Baron entails a significant amount of work in the game not related to general puzzle-solving, learning skills or completing quests. We are unpaid for this work, yet are rewarded by seeing our cities and towns prosper. Bear this in mind when talking about having your tax bill reduced..... Baron Elviron of Mycenae, the Optimistic Animist.