Sir Moradin, Paladin of Dreamsto Everyone

Haplo is easily one of Avalon's finest players. Many of you who curse and insult him on this BB are just bitter. If you really thought he was crap you would not bother boring us with your petty postings and barbs. I remember training a stubborn young Warrior 70 years ago, knowing he would grow into a mighty Warrior. Haplo and I were the 2nd and 3rd members of the Warriors guild in Parrius and helped the new guild grow and prosper. Haplo has served his city, patron and guilds with unmatched loyalty. He constantly strives to improve his order and city. How many of you have faithfully served your patron and city through your entire Avalon career, started 2 guilds, mastered combat, and been consistant in your beliefs and actions the whole time. I certainly have not. What kind of a player do you think a patron would prefere and people of avalon respect? One who changes guilds, patrons, and attitudes like hats, or one who picks a path and charges down it like pack of rhinos, obliteratating all those in his pat


I tip my sombrero in respect to the mighty Paladin Haplo.

This post is addressed to MORTALS.