Sir Yousuf, Childe of Lightto Everyone

First time I was ever teamed (he says wondering why the Gods have taken over the public bb for their bickerings which are above my ken) was by Shaitan and Rohan - now admittedly the only thing Shaitan did was immobilise me so that he could teach Rohan what to do with all those demons of hers and how best to go about stripping people, half an hour I seem to recall being held there unti l Shaitan got bored (I do not think he ever took pity on anyone) and vamped then killed me. At the time I only had one paltry GM skill and I was most upset - so when, a couple of days later, Allanon and Marcus asked use of my cleave to kill Shaitan I jumped at the chance. As I remember it Allanon portalled to Shaitan and splashed him with compassion, Silo then summoned Allanon, Allanon summoned Shaitan, Marcus blew herbs, Silo and Allanon splashed potions, and I cleaved!

OK so it was complete overkill on the most renowned and feared player ever to have walked Avalon, but boy did it feel good when he died about 8 times, got shipped and learnt the folly of using a crystal heart! The sigh that went up that day from the rest of Avalon could have floated Mercinae for year!

How I laughed over the next few days as Shaitan made sure that I never forget what a ship ride is, and relieved me of thousands of gold worth of items!

Those were the good old days! <reminiscent sigh>

Sir Yousuf, the dotard