Lorelord Allanonto Exael Nataykk, the Barbarian

I repeat in public what I told you in private.

The agreement was to not fell city/guild staves, as only myself and Orthwein were discussing it only we know wether the spirit of the agreement was broken by my actions - I don't think it was.

I told you over the last several month i have removed many offensive tracking runes in Mercinae on staves and with CCC's that Thakrian Seers were using to attack.

Do I overeact, nope as Haplo accurately says you pocket the silver after removing the rune.

This whole business stems from the fact Thakria thinks it has less to lose than the other cities.

Maybe you new Prince, the mighty brained Criamulus now sees all his actions and posturing has served to do is make sure all the other cities are ready and willing to keep Thakria in it's place.