The Facts

Lorelord Allanonto Exael Nataykk, the Barbarian

It may or not interest you to know several tracker runes have of late been removed from Mercinaen staves - these were indeed hostile.

The treat as you call it was clearly to do with the felling/divine removal of staves - Orthwein has interpreted my \"probing\" actions to be a violation.

As only myself and Orthwein had the initial discussions it is hard for anyone else to judge wether my actioons broke the spirit of the agreement.

To a reasonable person Thakria actions are an overreaction.

I find out why today when I find there are actually very few staves in thakria worth felling - rest assured they will be removed anyhows.

The bottom line is I guess Thakria has less to lose than other cities by staves being felled although the Loremaster involved has indeed a lot to lose.