Exael Nataykk, the Barbarianto Lorelord Allanon

I usually pride myself on neutrality, and try to stay out of these petty bickerings that you all seem to thrive on, but in this time I cannot. Allanon, I have seen you be correct and up front on occasion, and as such I have respeted you. However, this time you are WRONG. YOU went into the Thakrian Council Chambers. YOU placed hostile runes in said area, thereby breaking the treaty. To say that the immediate and adequate response for such a violation was 'overreacting' and 'unacceptable' is folly and sheer arrogance. I don't remember the treaty allowing the placement of (in your words) 'pretty harmless' runes upon Thakrian staves. Your adamant refusal to apologize can be seen as nothing but an act of war. YOU know you were wrong to do it, everyone else knows you were wrong to do it, and had the situations been reversed you would have emulated Thakria's present actions.

The Barbarian