Mercinae Runestaves

Lorelord Allanonto Criamulus

As Prince of Mercinae on one of my frequent visits to your very cosy council chambers I added 2 pretty harmless runes as I was concerned at which mortal Loremaster was making the runes for your city staves.

This method is a good way to flush out the maker as only he can unattach or re-order the runes on a stave.

The felling of staves in Mercinae is an overreaction and unacceptable.

Khalin (as he has had countless warnings in the past) will pay dearly for his actions.

It is Thakria who has a choice - either due compensation for the staves felled or abolishment to the agreement on preservation of staves.

I can assure you this will mean Thakria will have very few staves standing within a short space of time - (please don't bother to threaten recriprocal action that is assumed).

You have a very brief time to rerspond.