You are an arse!

I would have thought that an old crone such as yourself has been round long enough to get her facts right.

All Sorcerers are not Undead, it is only acheived by the most powerful of the profession.

Asking the animists to decompose all Sorcerers willy nilly would therefore not be advisable.

Your arguments against the Undead could be used against you. If something is already dead then why does it need to Ride on the Ship of Death. So I assume you would be happy that all the 'Undead' no longer needed to worry about losing rides? Or possibly as these undead have defeated nature in that way they should no longer be decomposbale.

I don't think the animists would want to take this approach, after all its very difficult to grow anything when every forest location in Avalon is ablaze.

My own view is that if the Gods wished us extinct then we would not be here.

So go back to blowing your Dragon, it's what you are best at.