Moradin, Druid of the Golden Sunto Everyone

Springdale is a city of individuals, who work towards improving themselves and their city through hard work. We have proved how successful a group of dedicated persons can build a city from the ground up, with little help. Andromeda gives us a free hand to govern ourselves, and makes suggestions were she feels they are required. This attitude is the source of Springdale's strength, individuals using thier own intellects to serve a common purpose. Neutrality is a fairly abstract concept. Springdale, like all the cities of Avalon acts in its own interests. Its that simple. You can label us anything you please, it really matters not as long as we feel we are serving our citizens and Andromeda. Springdale simply did not want Thakria to control that particular village, so we acted, and you do not. It is my wish that future conflict can be talked through, so no life need be lost.

If Thakria is ever to achive any of its silly little dreams of conquest, perhaps it should work on its diplomacy skills. If your actions cause the rest of Avalon to consider you the enemy, then your chances of success are reduced. As Springdale was coming into its power, there is no reason we would not have considered Thakria a possible ally, save for the moronic actions of Thakrian leaders. When you star diplomat is Xandamere, you can expect many wars. Peace. Moradin