False Friends

Squire Classact, Silver Paladinto Everyone

I agree with Estrigan the sneakyness is Ridiculous . I was asailed talkin to Samaritan of all people in the middle of a smile.! Where is the Battlefields and the Maps ?? Why doesnt anyone make a map and offer it to Newbies . Just make it Blank and let them fill in the blanks. And as for this Lagg. Something has to be done or make it cheaper. Because the clock is movin and the Avalon isnt. (sigh) I like it here aits cool and The bad guys do a HELL of a job.! Makes it interestin.! But the is a POINT. .! (*SMILE*) And can someone make a Key that cant get stole Or change all the locks and CCC attackes on towns.! Give us somethin ta do.! (*SMILE*) Paladins of Silverlight.! (SAM).?? Can yah make it that.??