Your drivel

Yes, it's drivel, and I'll reply anyway, cause you're too dense to ignore.

For one thing, why is it you begin pretty much every one of your silly posts with some statement to the effect that your \"wise\" words will make everything clear to us and the world will be a better place? Trade off some ego for some common sense, dingbat.

It's not about Good and Evil, you stupid frog-baron, it's about power. Snap out of it. Those that require justification make a choice, not out of some Vilon-given notion of Good and Evil but rather a philosophical one. Do I need a stupid reason to make this idiot's life hell? Yes or no. Nothing more, really.

That said, your post was stupid and mindless and wasn't worth my time. It did, however, give me a reason, should I ever need one.

Commoner Zane.