Jestofan, the mean spiritedto Lorelord Allanon

Please. Spare us your mindless drivel. Do you really think that what you, or anyone says, is going to make a difference? There are some in this land who feel there is a need for a redistribution of wealth.

Then there are those who are blatantly evil, for the sake of it.

If you refer back to Soxpox's post, I attacked and helped strip Culinane, who was disguised as Jean, because I had nothing better to do.

I enjoyed it, just as much as I enjoyed emptying the blood from his body and watching it trickle in to the Mercinaen soil Do you think anything will stop because of your words? Really?

Come kill me if you must, but it just means that novices in your city will be minus a few dwarf smiths and other members of your city will minus a few runes, packs, pouches, limbs, souls, etc.

I laid this message out just as you would like it. Two line points interspersed with gaps. (At least I hop it comes out that way). I hope it annoys you as much as the putrid sputum that erupts from your mouth annoys me.

You dickhead.

The Fire of Insanity.