A Warning

Lorelord Allanonto Everyone

To all who \"participate\" in braying mobs, performing evil acts of murder amd relieving people of their possessions (mainly Thakrians but others do it to) take note.

Being an acessory to such crimes against the citizens of Mercinae means you will get the same treatment as the main offenders themselves.

Cries of all I did was get a few rubs, etc will not be taken as an excuse.

There is currently an inbalance between the evil acts commited by certain individuals and the force used to punish such individuals for their crimes and chosen way of life.

Whether retribution is in the form of a single person or a group of fifty, whether it is 30 seconds after you enter avalon or when you are sitting comfortably learning skills don't complain.

Also forget the threats of we will do this,that or the other - the people I am talking about do it anyway.