Lorelord Allanonto Lazarus, the god of pain

You would be right in a way gievn the nature of my post was not necessarily about good/evil but rather betraying the trsut/time and resources a city commits to keeping it's citizens active.

However, in the case of Gandalf in his time in Mercinae he worked strongly and dedicatedly to make the city strongwer and without doubt gave more to the city much more than he leaving could take away.

In addition, it has not been his policy since leaving to seek to combat with Mercinae's citizens.

Not the same can be said for worms like Carl who seek the easy path to power off the backs of others - if it didnt insult some friends of mine I might say it was a surprise Carl didnt go to Springdale.

I am sure even the Springdale Goevernment know what I mean.