Lazarus, the god of painto Apollo, the god of light

Ahh. Sudden concern for free speech or a sensed opportunity to look big? Considering you have fairly recently disfavoured one of my followers for abbreviating \"quit\" to \"qq\" and \"Mercinae\" to \"Merc\", I find your sudden passion odd. Still, I suppose you are allowed to change your mind on a daily basis.

As for free speech, it doesn't exist anyhow. Mortals have never had the right of free speech and they never will. I'd almost be tempted to agree with you were it not for the fact that the posts by Liten and Faun are utterly irrelevent. Fact is, murder, rape, etc all exist in Avalon. The two little talking monkeys who complained must be extremely messed up not to object to murder but to object so strongly to rape. Shrug. I suppose I can't expect too much when it's a shrink babbling her useless psychobabble.