Telephone call charges

Maeveto Apollo, god of light

Actually, though you are correct about it being cheaper to call London than Sheffield from John O' Groats, that is not the whole story - BT is not the only telephone network! On Mercury, which I now use, Leeds and Sheffield are both low-cost destinations, on a par with London - so my call charges are no different. A while back, Genesis asked me for a comparison of the call charges between the two systems, so here goes. To keep things simple, off-peak only, ex VAT, local should all go BT. BT charges reduce the more calls you make, hence 3 figures

Up to 56km, BT 1.87/1.77/1.72 quid/hr, Mercury 1.50, 1.47 low-cost Over 56km, BT low-cost 3.16/2.85/2.76, Mercury 2.17 Over 56km, BT 4.33/3.78/3.66, Mercury 2.37