Entering alchemist guild

As Guildmaster of the Alchemists I am quite angered to find that you have forced your way into our guild and taken objects from it (not only that, we quite vocal about your intrusion I understand.) The alchemists and animists have been very close in the past and I have told Olivia that we would lend any aid we could in blunting the effects of the white totem on your guild. However, your actions today, while not at all indicative of the general behavior of the animists, has given us reason to, if only subconsciously, distrust animists to some degree. I can not make great boasts of how you will die, as that is not the way of the alchemists. But you will be placed on the blacklist and it is my hope that you will received some reprimand and punishment from you guild for betraying our trust and relationship with your guild when simply asking would have been much more effective. As well as not boasting

Grundy, Guildmaster of Alchemists