Lorelord Allanonto Sir Linnaeus, the Righteous

Some may look upon your chosen path as something to be admired rather than just you are seeking to be an influence in Avalon by stretching the justification of Animists powers to the limit and beyond.

I put u[p totem you are at liberty to take it down.

Just becuse the totem is located in Mercinae and just because I happen to ne Mercianes Prince gives you no right to harm the city by barring the way through locations and draining the rituals of and binding mercinaes Citizens.

Do not confuse any \"personal\" feeling with those directed at the city.

You are and will remain an enemy util you are either repentant or actively display you have changed your viewpoint.

All you do by your actions is anger greater number of people - be warned enemies of Mercinae are just that - it is an \"inconvenient\" and sometimes deadly staus.

BTW why enemy myself Sparky and Alkadar of the forests? your reasoning for that would be interesting.