Haploto Everyone

I shrugged my shoulders, (as one does), and poodled off to the clouds to ponder this abuse.

(The details of which are too naughty for this Family BB), the foulmouth of earwig i decided could be forgotten easily, I respect Apollo, and his decisions to whom he allows to follow him into light.

therefore, I messaged Earwig, that he should message my Lady , and apologise for not leaving her temple when asked to do so by her Priest.

Simple,effective, and costing a miserly 5 gold pieces.

I left this status quo for many Avalon days and nights, silence from Earwig.

Etrigan talked to me and i related these events to him. I told him i was going to kill Earwig unless this message occured.

Today i killed earwig 3 times. after the third kill, Allanon said to me 'You realise these deaths will cost Apollo essence?'. i replied, yes i knew.

20 seconds later Etrigan ,Trell (an ex-old friend), and Allanon portalled and tried to kill me.

For a while i was so dumbstruck, all i could do was stay alive. After i had gathered my wits, i decided i would not run to a Temple and hide like a cur. I had nothing to hide from.

A long while later, after a brief tour of Mercaine and the Chetwood Forest,River Leithe, etc. Etrigan finally managed to kill me with a cleave (don't ya just hate em?)