Haploto Lorelord Allanon

As usual, you bring stuff from Avalon into the realms of the Bulletin Board and general knowledge.

Very well.

So that all of Avalon may judge me, and my actions. here is the truth of the matter.

Guido harmed Earwig in some manner. a few deaths i believe. death in avalon is best taken with a smile and a cool head, perhaps a notepad to remind you of who to kill when you grow strong. Earwig did not have a cool head, he flipped, basically.

He chased Guido over Avalon untill he followed him into my Ladys Glass Temple. Where (protected) he continued to harass Guido verbally.

Guido's ears by this time were red hot and sore from the verbal onslaught dished out by earwig, and seeing me online , asked for my assistance.

As a Junior Priest of my Lady, i deem it my privilege to care for her temple's and there decor etc.

I then politely asked Earwig to leave the temple. A verbal onslaught was then directed at me, and my poor ears went red hot and itchy.