Bad Move

Lorelord Allanonto Haplo

You may have your personal grievences with Eadwig, but today despite warnings that the Priests of Apollo would not stand by, you repeatedly slew Eadwig thus harming the order of Light.

Due to this blatantly provocative act, myself Etrigan and Trell were forced into action.

I must say your ability to stand up to 3 of Avalon's hardest hitters and take no damge obviously proves you to be a Warrior of mighty skills.

No apologies, no regrets and you enemying all 3 of us is not a wise move.

I used to count you ally and friend, perhaps boredom has consumed you or a misplaced belief in your own strength.

Anyway enough, no threats or posturing - it seems until you wish to discuss this with us where you stand at the moment is very clear.