Bravery and Truth

My dearest Sir Saxe:

As you seemed to have eavesdropped on my missive to Uncle Alla . . . <cough> . . . Artisan Allanon, I really must congrantulate you on your hilarious response thereto. I am a coward and liar for stating that you almost killed me? I am stupid for painting you as a cavalier who is unrelenting and ruthless? Perhaps my artistic nature did let my quill stretch the truth a bit.

To rectify matters, I will drop the pretense of portraying you as a cunning, unrelenting and ruthless cavalier. You are an incompetent, loud and inconsequential boor. The only time you have beaten me in combat is when some silly thief stepped into our challenge. Other than that, I am sure you recall the time that I stole both your swords and you went whimpering back to Thakria, whining about bugs in your jockstrap or something. As for the incident with Sir Linnaeus, if you recall, the last thing you said to me was, \"I cannot fight you with your eagle. \" Ah, poor Hooty always gets the blame. Since the truth now spreads its enlightenment upon you, I hope you can forgive my previous untruth wherein I portrayed you as some sort of fig hter.

May you never thirst, Fedora, Minstrel of Maedhros