Alchemist Grundy, Lorewarden of the Southto Everyone

I think it is also important to remember that knowing animists won't kill you makes it easy to for a violent person to feel confident that threatening them or the forest will be successful in intimidating them. Were the person preventing you from going somewhere or getting something an accomplished fighter or a person with greater powers, many of us may wait or walk around them. The fact that animists unselfishly heal and help many people, even if those who slay them may cause many of us to take them for granted. What really is lost by waiting or going around an animist who requests that you spare your intended victim? Especially if you would wait were it someone else in your way. Although I do not support anyone wantonly killing for pleasure or to simply increase their skill, I do think by going about your business at a later time, you show the animist a degree of respect they have probably earned a number of times over. As for restraining combatants, I would think the animist had better be extremely adroit

at preventing one from gaining the upper hand in battle. The best intention to keep people apart that is bungled does the dead or injured person a great injustice because of a lack of skill. And as we have seen, maybe misconstrued as intention aiding of slaying.

In any case, it would be unwise for anyone to take the animists wishes and powers for granted. In many instances they deserve respect despite their silent service. If you want a healer that