Fedora, Minstrel of Maedhrosto Lorelord Allanon

Greetings, old friend,

After hearing the tales of your encounter with Sir Linnaeus, I thought you might be amused at my only encounter with that interesting specimen.

One day, not long ago, I watched a certain Sir Saxe dispatching some friends of mine to the realm of death. Wielding my lyre in my hand and a song on my lips, I sped towards Sir Saxe on my giant eagle. We fought and sparred for a time, and, as Sir Saxe retreated, I followed. As my songs drew closer towards Sir Saxe, I heard a small voice say, \"Stop. Please stop! \" However, my songs were building and Sir Saxe's blade was whirling above his head -- indeed, aimed at my bare throat! Imagine my surprise when the vines at my feet came alive, entangling my arms and instruments! The hum of Sir Saxe's blade filled my ears and my neck tingled as it drew closer. Egads! I couldn't move because the vines entrapped me. If it wasn't for my trusty eagle, Hooty, I fear I would not be alive to tell the tale, for Hooty flew me away from the danger.

May you never thirst, Fedora, Minstrel of Maedhros

P. S. Although I too am cautious of any self-proclaimed altruism spouted by Linnaeus and distrust his motives (yes, he was the animist who vined me), please do not harm the realm of Maedhros or else I will have to spank you.