Sir Linnaeus

Myrm the Drifterto Lorelord Allanon

Given your pontificating about you will do this that or the other, because its your right. and saying oenly that you want to go kill monks... are you rreally surprised an animist might choose to block you? Its well within all their public information. Are you truely that stupid... or has the rareified atmosphere Up in the Clouds gone to your head? You tell him to love and look after life... yet get annoyed when the animist stops you exterminating. Frustrating yes... surprising and out of sphere of influence, no.

Next you harp on about him offering your things, while forgetting that you started the fight. I saw jegga, nann, kaskamak and resik being sent out before the animist made any counter offense. And you dragged out the oil to defoliate. No harm had been done to you up till that point, just restrictions on your motions.

Defoliate and I know I will get interested in what it takes to kil your kind, and I imagine others in my guild might take an interest.

You've got so puffed up in what your rights are you conveniently forget others might have them.