Sir Linnaeusto Lorelord Allanon

First of all, you are a professed killer and, as such, know absolutely nothing about my profession. As to my title, I have it because it pleases me, nothing more.

You are truly evil beyond redemption Allanon, if you committ cold-blooded murder simply to \"improve my timing. \" Nevertheless, I will always do my best to save your life if you are in danger and will heal you if you need it.

I suggest you all read \"help animists. \" \"The animist guild is made up of people who would rather heal and defend than harm. \" I harmed no one and defended the monks. \"Any animist will heal all those who come in peace and some choose to place themselves into dangerous situations for the benefit of others. \" I placed myself in danger to save the monks, and it worked. You have now spent your time insulting me, rather than committing murder. I will absorb your sins Allanon, rave on. continued