My Rights

Lorelord Allanonto Sir Linnaeus

I kill things - I do it for several reasons, to increase my skill at arms and improve my timing, to gather essence for my patron to gain in rank.

I do not and will never apologise to you or anyone for doing so - oh and I kill my enemies or enemies of mercinae whenever I can too.

The gods gave Animists effective defensive skills - you are I believe even more unkillable than a Loremaster - however when you cross the boundaries in your acts to preserve life you put the status of your profession at risk.

Avalon is all about contesting, good vs evil, lovers of life vs lovers of death and pain. Gods contest in the heavens. Your chosen profession is not to fight but to love and conserve life.

I sincerely hope your recent move to the Animists and your intereesting reluctance to remove the Cavalier type prefix shows you are not either experienced enough or ready spiritually to take on your chosen career.

Your more experienced guildmembers will I am sure seek to enlighten you - as your physical body is well protected I suggest you view the threat to defoliate forest not as an act to kill life but rather a way to bring you to your senses.