Jack and alexandra

Sir Linnaeusto Everyone

Jack, your post was as poorly reasoned a post as I've ever seen. If you have the right to kill cccs because that's the way the game system was set up, then I have the right to stop you, as I and my skills are part of the game system.

Alexandra, as I explained quite lucidly to you, I threatened to decompose because I knew that would give you pause. I don't even have the ability yet. As for Allanon being ejected a second time, it's something called \"forest glade\" and it does it automatically. As for convincing \" \"the rest of you\", well, that is not my goal. Your opinions of me are meaningless to me. I will heal you and attempt to preserve your lives as much as you will let me and perhaps even against your will. If you are insane enough to want to hurt someone else and get hurt yourself, then you are obviously not in possession of your faculties and someone must take care of you.