Sir Linnaeusto Lorelord Allanon

If you defoliate the forests, I will be very sad. I spend a lot of time crying as the life force of Avalon is constantly in pain due to the ridiculously high rate of murder here.

Allanon, I know you have problems, and I know that sometimes life probably seems a bit overwhelming for you, but turning to violence and murder is no answer. Please, let me help you. I too once believed that violence was the answer, but I saw the light. Life is a beautiful and precious thing and to take it is a truly sad thing. Lay down your weapons and tools of war and take up the garb of peace Allanon. Come and learn the simple joys of frolicking with the squirrels and rabbits on a sunny day, or walking barefoot through the grass while admiring the incomparable beauty of the life around you. I beg you Allanon, don't continue with your life of sin.