Sir Linnaeusto Lorelord Allanon

Your post was as faulty as are your morals. I saw murder being committed and I rushed to do my best to stop further carnage.

Your suggested methods of my stopping the killing are all faulty. I do not have any ability to \"dance peace. \" Healing the monks is insufficient as you all can simply kill them faster than I can heal them. I tried to make you drop the monks you were holding with forest command, but it does not work. No harm was caused you, save for harm to your rather large ego. I forced you to offer your lorestave because you were using it to remove my spirits.

Despite the fact that I had done you no harm, you then saw fit to begin spitting poisons at me, including jegga and kaskamak, in an attempt to committ further murder.

I believe in Life Allanon and sentient life is the most important of all. (continued)