Lorelord Allanonto Everyone

The actions of Sir Linnaeus cause me grave concern.

Whilst off the slay the monks of kenkria with a band of worthy adventurers Sir Linnaeus decides to help the monks.

How does he do this, by dancing peace?, by batheing or resurrecting them? by healing them? - no none of these.

He forestbars the way, he binds us then ejects us.

He then compul;ses me to offer my items namely lorestaff and attempts to do same for lorerobes.

I do not make idle threats - either your guild sorts outs this rogue Animist or I will take action on these personal attacks and interference with my free choice to kill if I wish.

If as Linnaeus says he did nothing it was the Forest, then although it would upset Rangers then I shall consider the Forest my enemy.

I hope you see sense quickly and avoid any unpleasantaries.