I spit upon you.

Sir Saxe, Cavalier of Thakriato Lorelord Allanon

Allanon, I had a peaceful agreement with Floyd, there was no bullying, and he was free to refuse my offer. If you continue to punish young Thakrians, I will make sure I strip Artisans instead of killing them.

That way, Thakrians would have a good supply of potions. Maybe I'll extend that policy to your city members as well, or even better, to you personally.

Your hypocrisy knows no bounds. I am glad to see that the very heart of Mercinae is bound up in Thakrian values. One day Allanon, I am going to hurt you so much, you'll regret the day your mother named you.

Call it an idle threat if you want. I think that by now, people know that I will always carry my threats out, and I am very patient. It could be next month, it could be tomorrow, I will wait for you Allanon.