Lorelord Allanonto Everyone

Just to clarify for all those younger Thakrians that keep asking for refills of potions etc the reasons you are being refused are as follows:

Your Baron and Minsiter For Justice Saxe, decided to bully and coerce an Artisan into agreeing to supply cheap potions to Thakria.

As a guild we discussed this and decided until Saxe publicly apologises to Floyd no Thakrians will receive help from any artisans.

If the Alchemists we would similalry fought for their cause.

I still mourn for our brother Loremasters in Thakria who only ever seem to be valued for the cheap free services they can provide.

Perhaps this is the reason Thakria has not been able to keep any decent loremasters for many avalon decades.

The point is just because your guild is based in a city it doesnt mean you should be forced into providing all your services for free.