Well Done

Lorelord Allanonto Khan, Slaughterer of Innocents

Khan I am sure your fellow Thakrians are very grateful for your constructive comments, as they die due to lacking the protections of elixirs etc they in part can thank you as well as Saxe (pending apologies).

One thing I feel it worth mentioning, it is true I choose to play with you by attacking you with jegga - the sad fact is 90% of the time it works!!.

Could this be you are lacking that hand immunity potion or that lovely creamy white one that cures all nasty afflications including impending death.

No, of course not I must be not thinking straight. It murely surely be your limited competance.

And before you ask me once again, yes it is worth the bloodlust to kill you. In fact all things considered it's the best bloodlust I have ever spent.