My "status" in the universe

Derillion, Star Weaverto Baron Silk, Spider of Fate

I have never been one to brag about my ability to fight. I am probably one of *THE* worst fighters in the history of Avalon. So, all your spouting over my ability means nothing to me. To top this, I have not been actively involved with Avalon in quite some time which further increases my fighting inabilities. Since I only entered Avalon to catch up on recent BB's why would I stick around to allow myself to be slain??? Silk, save your pathetic tauntings elsewhere for they have no affect affect on me. As far as my contributions to the legends of Avalon, one needs only to read the history books written by the gods themselves. I have had a long and prosperous life in Avalon and, indeed, have left my mark upon the land. Maybe someday I will return to world of Avalon as a full and active participant. But until such time, save your energies and spoutings for those who matter in the realm.

Derillion, Star Weaver