Your Actions

Lorelord Allanonto Everyone

As the Prince Of Mercinae I strongly object to your arbitrary Earthbing and barring of the forests.

This I am told is a \"protest\" to the totem being put up.

By all means you are free to attempt to take down the totem as individuals.

If however you continue to bar access to Mercinae from the clouds and Greenwood be aware you will be considered City enemies.

I am sure the other cities feel strongly about this too.

If it is some petty attempt to inconvience myself, as I put up the Totem whenever I can, as I told you it really affects me very little.

If it is protests your desire, I may fel the need to defoliate large portions of Forest's, I am sure you dont want matters to come to that.

Be warned your status as free from attack is not a god given privalege do not abuse your powers to the detriment of everybody.

Allanon, Prince Of Mercinae