Pool Of Life

Lorelord Allanonto Everyone

Rather than keep this to the suggestions board, I wondered what people would think of this idea.

The Pool is a gift from the gods, however certain individuals abuse it's sanctity by using it as a second home although the are many other places such as guildhouses/private dwelling that can be made very safe.

If possible make occupancy of the pool restricted to a certain amount of time per Avalon year - maybe no more than 1 day.

This would allow bathing bodies to take place, and seeking a temporary refuge in the Pool but would prevent just sitting in there.

Also (and this would affect me more than most) perhaps a Bloodlust Level could be decided over which admittance is not possible - unless you die and ride ship of course in which case your Bloodlust will drop anyway.

I welcome comments particularly from those who like to cower and depart the realms of Avalon from the Pool. Tell you what they can even write their responses sitting in the pool as their physical bodies are at the moment when they vare reading the bulliten board.