Lorelord Allanon, Of The Artisansto Zara

You surprise me I never counted you a liar.

You entered a gate demon to the Grove to escape death.

You also forget we have skills to detect your foul demons, If I remember Haplo almost fainted at seeing you had at least half a dozen slime demons with you in the Grove as part of your entourage.

That Animists choose to shelter you astounds me.

The stories I hear of attacks on Animists all have a similar theme to them - when they are attacked and killed invariably a sorcerer is the one commiting the act.

Neutrality of the Animists is fair enough = teleportlist however they seem to be a mass of contradiction in term of preserving life be it their own or others.

Animists if you equip and help those whose sole intent (they don't deny it) is to cause pain and death to others then you are fools.

And before you all start whinging, yes I think \"good\" players who choose a life of combat against evil should also have your aid restricted.