Alchemist Grundy, Lorewarden of the Southto Everyone

At this time, I am satisfied that Cuchulain is attempting to negoitate and reach an agreement. The terms he offers are by suggestion of his city patron so there are some forces larger than himself at work here.

I do not, at this point support the use of force to enforce the alchemist and artisan viewpoint, which, to some extent is based on felling done in Mercinae. The agreement we forge while based on tensions between Thakria and Mercinae, will affect the other cities and villages as well, so I seek to protect the interests and concerns of other cities rather than just of Mercinae where the guildmasters of both the artisans and alchemists presently reside.

I think the problem we are experiencing now is due to the fact there was no public declaration of the policy (that I recall) and it was posted on the bulletin boards of individual guilds. Therefore, we #1 don't know what was posted and #2 can't respond easily to Nelgin's question as to where the past policy was posted.

I hope that negotiations are concluded soon so that we may post the policy so that all will know if the policy has been violated. I assume everyone will be angered by any felling and attempt to strike back or slay those who did the felling. But hopefully such a policy will curb the felling and allow for guildlines under which a member of a guild can be disciplined by their guildmaster or elders.