The Bleak Cabal

Moradinto Everyone

Greetings Avalonians,

A new time is at hand. No longer will I partake in the boring machinations of Avalon's city states, but instead endeavor to profit from conflict and widespread chaos. On this day, the 13th of Eleuthral, 930 years since the Divine War, the convenant of The Bleak Cabal has been formed. This mercenary company will consist of many brutal, powerful, and profiteering individuals bent on carving out our own space in the Annals of Avalon. The core of the Cabal has been established. We will be recruiting anyone of like mind. For any who are interested, we will be posting more information in the near future.

We will soon be accepting contracts on a citywide and personal basis.

More to come.

Moradin, Captain of the Bleak Cabal