M'Lady Aylato Everyone

The change of patronage was done without consent of the citizens. According to my patron, Shriek gave the city to Lazarus. I am not in favour of this change, as I have seen The Annihilus work earnestly for months to write all of the locations of this city. I support my patron fully in the changes to follow, and for this reason I am quitting the city, which is now under t he influence of Lazarus. Also, for the record, the Barons that exist in Gabbad were placed there without election.

Shriek: Why did you do this?

To The Annihilus: You have done a tremendous amount of work flavoring Avalon with elaborate texts, writings of items, and beautiful quests; not only in Gabbad, but in other parts of Avalon as well. Although I hope You will continue to enrich our sur roundings thus, should you decide to take your writing talents elsewhere I sincerely wish that your future endeavours will be much more rewarding than this one. I am eternally in Your service unless You release me of this.

To Lazarus, the god of pain: You not only stick the knife in, You turn it as well. You are an excellent god of pain and have every reason to gloat in your victory, for You delivered pain and it struck true. It was a devestating blow indeed.