Allanon of the Artisansto Everyone

Just to formerly state for the record the recent abuse of free access to Mercinae by Thakrian citizens (interestly mainly their government) intent on killing and even raping and pilaging will not be tolerated.

Be warned the area from the Road To Mercinae and in and around Cassiandra Sq is not safe for a Thakrian Citizen.

For those Thakrian Citizens who hold no ill to Mercinae or have committed no crimes against our city arrangements are being made to provide you with safe or escorted journeys.

Please contact a member of the Mercinae Government if your require such assistance, you may also wish to ask your own Government why you are being inconvenienced.

Our city Patron strongly wished the city of light to be safe for all to walk through and visit unmolested, it is with regret that to protect the majority Thakrian with no evil in there hearts should suffer.

Allanon, Spokeman For The Mercinae Government In this Respect