Infernis and his skills

Isaac, of the shifty eyesto Aldaron, the god of life

A few days ago I was decomposed by an animist for no reason. As I see it the skill decompose exists solely as an emergency measure whereby animists can defend themselves from unwarrentied attack. I was not attacking anyone when I was decomposed. I was at the pool of life preparing to leave avalon when I was summoned by an animist skill and decomposed. Infernis had been threatening me since I yanked a mage from his location earier and killed the mage. Never at any time did I act with any hostility towards infernis or any other member of his guild. I assume that is why this pseudo-animist decomposed me. It has been stated before that the skill decompose is far too powerful for the likes of any mortal and this incident proves that point. It is a shame that infernis feels he has to abuse his skills to progess in avalon. People who flatly refuse to acsept the limits of roleplaying should not be privillaged to possess the powerful skills of animistry. Perhaps this blood hungry murderer would find a better home in

ne of the many fighting guilds within avalon.