Today Thakria killed a number of Mercinaen troops in Eleusis under the guise of war. The Thakrian aggressors were, after some bitter fighting, (as in you killed us we killed you, no need to think this is propaganda!) forced out of Eleusis and Mercinaean troops have been reinstated in Eleusis. They will remain there until those protions of Eleusis are once more under Mercinae's Sphere of Influence.

Mercinae will make no formal declaration of war and will limit the conflict to Eleusis and its surrounds at this time. However, we demand that Mercinaean troops in Eleusis be left alone until those locations are once more part of our Sphere of Influence.

Until such time as consultation can be made with Allanon and the barony of Mercinae this decision will stand.

Yousuf, Field Marshall to the Armies of Mercinae Etrigan, Minister of War for Mercinae